Create Culture; Stop Consuming Culture

Create Culture; Stop Consuming Culture

Create Culture


Consuming Culture

Sadly in today’s hyper-consumption society we have created a centralized mono-culture. These posts were ment to call attention to this phenomenon. It encourages people to create a localized culture and stop consuming the mono culture. Creating an ecological community is not only about local food, clean energy, sustainability and reducing consumption, but also about culture and community creation. By having a highly diverse interdependent global community, we will reach humanity’s true potential. Capitalism, on the other hand, centralizes and homogenized our global community through “globalization” and multinational corporations. This centralization inhibits the ability for true diverse creation within humanity. Capitalism is not a creative force but a homogenizing and destructive force. A true Ecology is not a singular homogenized entity, but a series of diverse inter-related communities. These posts speak to this point.

Sadly the city, or businesses, do not like such messages around and all of these were taken down before the afternoon rolled around. While we are allowed to be inundated with language from “Future Shop”, “Sears”, “Chapters”, etc. our society is unable to put up none consumption messaging. I also posted this same series on Hamilton St. in Yaletown and Robson St., between Burrard and Thurlow, with the same results. Both the Granville St., Robson St. and Hamilton St. posts were done in succession while the post on Denman St. was done all on one post.


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