Extricate from Capitalism / Engage in EcoCollectivism

Extricate from Capitalism / Engage in EcoCollectivism

Engage in EcoCollectivism / Extricate from Capitalism

The initial picture is where I first placed these signs (on the Davie Village Garden, Davie & Burrard). They stayed up till the afternoon when someone from the garden took the signs down. Interestingly though they stashed them in the back of the garden. So I decided to “recycle” them and put them up at the Dog Park in Nelson Park on Bute St. While the exposure would not be as large or diverse, Bute St. is one of the main thoroughfares through the West End for West Enders. I like the first picture because these people were obviously tourists and were contemplating the meaning of the sign in relation to the garden.

I must say, it was nice of the people from the garden to not ruin my signs but put them nicely in the back. And so I reposted the signs up at the dog park Friday night in the hopes that they would not be taken down till Monday or later; additionally, there was the West End Farmer’s Market on Saturday which helped me gain lots of West End exposure.

I did contemplate the use of the word “Exricate”. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Extricate as: “To disentangle (a person or thing); to disengage, set free from, out of (anything that entangles, a state of confinement, difficulty, or entanglement)”. While this is not a commonly used word, and may perplex some people, I desired to use the word for its appropriate definition and its perplexing quality. Additionally, a reader could ascertain, from a contextual basis, what Extricate actually meant; it might also spur them to look up the word thus furthering their interaction with the statement and educational experience. Moreover, technically the word is used wrong. Proper usage would be: Extricate *subject* (humanity/society/economy/etc) from Capitalism. I chose to do this so that, in effect, the reader becomes the subject within the statement. Engage *yourself* in EcoCollectivism / Extricate *yourself* from Capitalism. There is an immediacy and self-involvement in the language.

Ultimately the message is straight forward in that we should remove our societies from Capitalism and enter into an ecological relationship with our planet. If you desire more information please read: EcoCollectivism: A New Economic Dialectic.


These signs were taken down by Vancouver Parks this morning on Monday, July 19th – 2010.


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