Metro Vancouver Statistics

Entering the Corridor

Along the Corridor

Ecological Collectivist Union

Shangri-La Hotel - Tallest Building in Vancouver

Vancouver Art Gallery Display

Urban Fare


I thought I would not only take a picture of this one post, but also of the surrounding area. It is interesting to see how my text within the landscape interacts with its surrounding. While walking down the corridor I encountered another text, “Speak English”. This langauge has harsh undertones of racism, ethnocentrism and bigotry. It is in direct contradiction to the Ecological Collectivist Union philosophy. For the EcoCollectivist, a diversity of language reveals a healthy society. Language is the medium through which we formulate our reality. Thus, the more access to language one has, the broader ones reality. As such we advocate for a bilingual+ community. By bilingual+ we mean that our society should endeavour to have every citizen speak at lest two or more languages, French or otherwise.

As you move on out of the corridor you are confronted with Vancouver’s tallest building the Shangri-La Hotel. Across the street is a sanctioned art installation organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Next to this is the high-end grocery store: Urban Fare.

There are multiple texts conversing on multiple levels. You have the sanctioned text: Shangri-La, Vancouver Art Gallery and Urban Fare. You have the unsanctioned text: My posts and “Speak English”.

Each text speaks individually. The Shangri-La speaks of opulence and man dominating the sky and landscape with the tallest buildings they can erect; the Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit, by Ken Lum, “calls into question the relationship between modernism and everyday lived experience” and represents a legitimate and peer-reviewed artistic expression; the Urban Fare expresses upper class consumerist culture. Amongst all this is the dissident messaging of a bigot: “Speak English”; and language challenging the dominant Capitalist narrative.

Here are copies of what was posted in the corridor:

Kilowatt Hours
EcoEconomy vs Green Capitalism
Decrease in Farmers
112 Species
63.7 Percent of Commuters
15.6 Million Tons GHG
1.75 Billion Liters

I posted 5 copies of each statistic throughout the downtown core of Vancouver. That is a grand total of 40 postings. I posted in the West End, Yaletown, Downtown, Coal Harbour and in this corridor along Georgia St. The corridor posting is the only place where I posted every single one in succession. It gives a holistic impression of the narrative constructed throughout the streets of Vancouver by these statistics.


As of this afternoon, Monday, July 19th, 2010, the signs in the most trafficked areas of Vancouver, which were on municipal property, were taken down. More interesting is that these were also the areas most inundated with corporate/consumer messaging. It appears the city is more concerned with the sanitization of touristy/consumption/trafficked areas then with those that are not. Additionally, most, if not all, signs which were not on municipal property were still up.


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