Consuming Ourselves to Death

Consuming Ourselves to Death

We are consuming ourselves to death. What more is there to say?

We buy useless crap that we don’t need, made by slave labour in far off countries, ship it around the globe, spewing carbon as we go, all so we can maintain an economic system which is dependant on useless consumption. Rather than living in a symbiotic relationship with our planet’s ecology, we humans, we divine beings with an edict from God, dominate our pathetic planet, and our fellow humans, so that we can consume ourselves to death in some orgiastic cluster fuck of corporate manufactured happiness!

There is consuming, which is antagonistic to ecology and the planet; and there is subsisting which allows the planet and humanity to flourish into infinity.

But we can’t subsist because that would cause an economic collapse in which the Capitalist Aristocracy would no longer be able to brain wash us into willing slaves through a Panoptic nightmare. So keep consuming! If you don’t Capitalism, and life as you know it, will collapse …

although some of us see that as a good thing …


This sign, along with the other one posted on Hastings, lasted about 1 week. The Capitalist Aristocracy made sure to clean up such distasteful messaging very quick. After all, we cannot have people putting up signs which do not support the capitalist metanarrative of consumption and PROFIT. I am actually rather depressed about this one. I quite liked this sign. It was not hurting human being by being up; however, businesses and corporations might have had their profits ever so slightly reduced. And we can’t have that now can we?

Not to worry folks, Coal Harbour, DTES and Yaletown have been swept clean of any non-corporate altruistic signs. Only that “fucking” (to use an adjective from Mayor Gregor Robertson) West End has kept their evil signs up.


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