Debt Slaves

Debt Slaves

Debt Slaves

These pictures were taken with my iPhone because I neglected to bring my other camera when I posted these. The next day, at around 1pm, I went back to take pictures of this sign and it was already taken down. I posted this on Sunset Beach in the West End across from where Burnaby St. and Beach Ave. intersect. I did this on July 23rd, Friday night (Saturday morning) right before the Celebration of Light would be performed. This of course is a central point from which to view the Celebration of Light and is where all the business set up to sell food and other things. In other words, it is the commercial centre for the Celebration of Light on the beach. Thus such signs would not be tolerated as it might interfere with maximizing levels of consumption. Possibly patrons would increase their debt load in order to continue consuming. Even though this is detrimental to society and ecology.

The main point of this sign is that debt is enslaving us to the Capitalist Aristocracy. Not just personal debt but also governmental debt. Sadly our entire economy runs on a debt structure. This is problematic for two reasons: 1. It necessitates capitalism’s infinite expansion methodology; 2. It makes society into the slaves of debt, unable to control their future but controlled by their future of debt.

For corporations, governments and citizens to pay off debt they need to expand faster than the interest on those debts. So, for example, say a corporation incurs debt at 10% in order to start a business. That business must gain a return of at lest 10.1% in order to pay off the interest and principle of the debt (at which point I would only be paying off 0.1% of the principle). If I desire to make a profit (the sole motivation of capitalism) then I must gain a return, or expand my margins, much greater than 10%. In which case it is incumbent on me to get as many people to consume my product regardless of whether it is good, effective or even useful. The best way to do this is have the consumers incur debt debt to buy the product. If the Corporate Aristocracy did not foster a debt consumption environment like this, there is no way the economy would have enough consumption power to consume what is needed to “service” the debts incurred (i.e. to at lest pay the interest with no principle payments). What happens when society is collectively unable to service their debt? The economic collapse of 2008. Suddenly, the web of debt, which is suffocating everyone, starts to collapse under the weight of itself. Yet do not fear, the Capitalist Aristocracy has a plan, more fuckin’ debt. That’s right, society and the corporations cannot continue the debt train but sovereign nations can. If sovereign nations can accumulate more debt (in other words: manufacture money) the consumption train will continue unimpeded. In the words of George W. Bush:

“Letting Americans keep more of their money should Increase consumer spending,” (Tax cuts = government debt; however, Conservatives love to frame the dialogue as “your money” rather than our collective resource. Individualization fragments society and inhibits a collective outlook which is detrimental to the Capitalist Aristocracy).
“Americans can Spend this money as they see fit: to help meet their monthly bills, cover higher costs at the gas pump, pay for other basic necessities,” (JUST DON’T PAY OFF DEBT, and if you can, incur more debt so that you can CONSUME!!)
“[The GROWTH package is] our most pressing economic priority.”
“Consumer spending is still Growing, but the housing market is declining. Business investment and exports are still Rising, but the cost of imported oil has increased.”

Notice how none of this has to deal with debt reduction, the very problem at hand. All of it is about getting you to consume more shit. They don’t care how, just what ever you do: DON’T BLOODY WELL STOP CONSUMING!!!!

Welcome to ecocidal capitalism.


The IMF wants to shore up shaky public confidence, in other words: consume, consume, consume! ( We must grow, we must expand, we must consume because we are all fuckin’ slaves to debt!


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