Guerrilla Poetry in Transit

Guerrilla Poetry in Transit

I have been putting these poems on transit as I go to and fro. Here are both the poems (one is already posted on: Deconstruct Reality / Reconstruct Ecology):


We bubble and
Spit —
Split – sucking on,
Green cum and…
tits; naked to the
blind to the

Consuming – Consuming – Consuming

Green grassy
gilled salvation!
BP’s picture perfect
prim green petroleum

Consume – Consume – Consume
Capitalist green consumption
consuming culture/
catatonic creatives;
/homogenize – homogenize – homogenize/
North/South – West/East
tickle our trickledown
Consume – Consume – Consume
Choking – death on
billion dollar CEfuckingOs/
<“reality” TV>
competitive competition/
neurotically narcissistic/
homogenized “individuals”/

Orgiastic Laughing Ecocide!


䀩°∩$†®µ¢† Reality

Each time I write,
it feels ___ I’m advancing ___ new territory,
haven’t been before,
this type → advances ++++ demanding certain gestures ——
can be taken: aggressive
regarding other thinkers / colleagues –
I’m not naturely polemical but:
true deconstructive gestures: destabilizecauseanxietyorhurt –
so, every time
this gesture is made:
there are moments of feAr!
Not during writing.
Actually, I write _ a feeling _ necessity,
stronger ___ myself,
demands I write – write.
never renounced anything
because → certain consequences.
Nothing intimidates!
I say into said.
That is to say,
when not writing,
a strange moment: going ↔ asleep.
When I have a nap → fall asleep.
At that moment – With Half Sleep,
suddenly I’m terrified __ what am I doing?
Telling myself:
“You’re crazy to write this!”
“You’re crazy to attack such a thing!”
“You’re crazy to criticize such and such a person.”
“You’re crazy to contest such an authority, be it textual, institutional or personal.”
Panic of subconscious
If … comparing it to? …
Imagine singular child doing: horrible.
Freud → childhood dreams: nakedness
terrified exposure: naked.
Here with Half Sleep: impressions ↔
Actions into criminal, disgraceful, unavowable,
I shouldn’t do.
Half Sleep telling me:
“But you’re mad to have done that.”
Half Sleep … Convincing.
Implied command:
“Stop everything! Take it back! Burn your papers!”
“What you are doing is inadmissible!”
But I ascend from Half Sleep.

Meaning, or interpret: in supposed awake, conscious, working –
I’m certainly more unconscious than with Half Sleep.
When Half Sleep is there: in vigilance –
telling me “truth”,
Telling me: I’m doing → very serious!
In awakeness and working:
Vigilance is sleeping.
Vigilance is not stronger than Awakness.
And so I do what must be done.


I never explain my poems as I do not believe their meaning is static but personal and evolving. Whatever meaning you arrive at from the poetry is what the poem means.


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