This is the fucking problem. War. But it’s source is greed. Take out the profit motive of war (i.e. private companies profiting from weapons and the theft of resources). Capitalism is the problem since it promotes and rewards greed, excessive profits through exploitation and a moral compass which is centered around individualism and narcissism. End war. Create unity and global community. We are on this planet together. We only have one. Imagine how far our society would have advanced if we didn’t have war. End War.

Sadly in Canada we are now a fascist warrior nation building jets to blow up third world nations for corporate profitability. Typical Conservatism: socialize the costs, privatize the profits. But all there is to gain is monetary profit. Both social and environmental profit does not exist in war. Another wonder of capitalism. Capital (ie money) is the only thing that is worth anything. Thus war makes complete sense under Capitalism. As such we must rid the world of capitalism.


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