#COP17 Durban Conference Eco-bLeetherbLab

“Landmark Deal” at Climate Summit

Awesome! This is so lanDMark. The talks agreed to talk. A bunch of suits blabbed on about stuff and things. They agreed about junk and spunk and in 20/20 we will have bleevanbloth. This is truly lanDMark. Their foulshilooth will become us. All hail Capital. Our Great and Fearless Leader.

I’m nothing…

but Another Mine to Hell

21st Century Society / 18th Century Democracy

Currently our democracy is nothing more than a commodity traded within the market place. As with any marketplace Capital is the sole arbitrator between people and the commodity, in this case democracy. In essence Capital is the means by which people vote. The corporate aristocracy is a big defender of voting with Capital. The reason, obviously, is because they have so fuckin’ much of it. If one vote equals one dollar it would be nice to have a billion dollars.

“STOP!” you say. “We have one vote per person regardless of wealth” goes your retort.

To which I curtly reply, “This is nothing but catharsis”.

Elections are an outpouring of emotion to keep the multitude of debt bonded slaves (i.e. society) complacent in their mindless cycle of production and consumption. Democracy lies in those with capital and thus power. Take for example Bill Gates. If he desires to have a conversation with government to progress his interests in a situation it is nothing more than a phone call away. Dido the Waltons, Koch Brothers or whatever other corporate capital fascist you would like to name.

Yet the power does not end their. All these corporate capital fascists own the masses media and thus they own our culture, identity and reality. They use this tool of “freedom” in order t stupify their production and consumption debt slaves. Media is a tool of social control, or reality control. This is why they viciously progress the private ownership and centralization of the industry. They control what political thoughts get diceminated to their debt slaves. Thus they control political reality and guide it into cathartic topics like terrorism or