Montreal Protests: Subverting the Corporate Disease

This video brilliantly contrasts a decentralized community culture of realism versus a corporatized version of homogenized socialization through oppression via body imagery, fear, intimidation and the sale of unattainable dream.

Subverting the Corporate disease

Eternal Fasicsm

Fascism is eternal because today we have the same fascist leaders as we did in Feudal Europe, Greek Republic or Egyptian and Jewish Theocracies. Eternal fascism rests on the shoulders of Capital and its private centralized ownership. All fascism springs forth from Capital. Capital, in its essence, is fascist. Where Capital goes, so goes Fascism; where Fascism goes, so goes Capitalism. Thus London and New York and Los Angeles are the most fascist places on the planet. Don’t forget Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Mumbai, Shanghai, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Moscow, Johannesburg, etc and onward. This does not mean that the masses within fascism are fascist. Quite the contrary; fascism lay within the elite and is portrayed as “Freedom” and “Democracy” to the enslaved [all of us]. Since the elite own the means of cultural production they own the means of social construction through language appropriation with words like: “Freedom” and “Democracy”. This is why we see that the process of globalization is nothing more than a process of homogenization. Put another way, cultural mass-extinction is a result of capital/fascist cultural colonization. Vancouver has a grand history of capital/fascist cultural colonization to which the Fraser Institute can attest through their culture war of promoting the standardization and marketization of public education and ownership in general. Culturally speaking, collective ownership and the democratization of capital through public ownership, is seen as an unspeakable crime to the individualist, I say narcissistic, Fraser Institute. Thus, they seek the standardization of cultural outlets through mass privatization of public ownership. This degrades public oversite of economic, social and environmental risks by centralizing these decisions in the hands of Greedy Narcissism. Greedy Narcissism, embodied within the essence of Centralized Capital Ownership, seeks only to jerk itself off till it gets Economic Cum {otherwise known as Profits}. Yet what happens when the Cum stops flowing? Are you dead?

If you think that is rude, you are right. Welcome to my life in this #EconomicEarFuck.

American Hell

Orgasming Duck

Duck Fuck’a’Duck

Our Reality

All Hail the March of Corporate Fascism

The below email came past my vision and I responded thusly:

Wow … apparently I am a terrorist funded by Arab Oil wealth. That is quite a phenomenal thesis. I always thought I was a terrorist funded by Corporate Greed wealth. Either way I am still a terrorist funded by some wealth. Within the dialogue of our society and our education system, I believe in full freedom of thought with no boundaries. Nothing can be Taboo in thought. When thought becomes action I do believe in filtration. Yet at one time it was Taboo to say the earth was round and man isn’t at the centre of the universe. Now this is reality but somethings which are reality will one day become unreality much like the fanciful Flat Earth doctrine. Thus we must always be vigilant in not having an “authority” on thought. Please take no offence to this but I must be honest: this lady is fuckin’ nuts!!!! She wants to censor and that I cannot abide. Censorship is intellectual death. Effective thought death. It degrades the cognitive process and creates static social situations.


Warning: The Following is Taboola Fascism!!





Pass this to your entire E mail list – if you are concerned about your children and/or your grandchildren and the country they will or could possibly live in ……

IF you ever loved your country, you Owe It To Yourself to watch this video and PASS IT ON to every red blooded American you know. This is not a Republican thing….nor a Democrat matter…IT’S THE SAVING OF OUR NATION MATTER. Do it NOW!

This lady is something else.
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