Project: Eco-Guerrilla Education

This concept is based primarily on the ideas outlined in a book entitled: Landscapes of Dissent: Guerrilla Poetry & Public Space, published by Palm Press ( Our goal with this guerrilla action is to infiltrate the dominant Consumer Capitalist narrative with images/language/landscape which subverts and disrupts this eco-destructive narrative. Our actions are “guerrilla” because they are not sanctioned by any governing or corporate institution. Thus our messages are truly public without any “sanitation” from the dominant social structures which tend to oppress and repress dissident messaging. We also intend to question what “public space” truly is. On the average walk down a “public” Vancouver street, or any other city, one is inundated with corporate messaging. Supposedly this is “public space” yet if subversive messaging enters the landscape, messaging which undermine the hyper-consumption mentality and prompts people to question their relationship with consumerism/community/economy/ecology, the message/language are removed. Such messaging is considered inappropriate because it does not maintain the Capitalist’s consumerism narrative, despite the fact that it represents a legitimate voice within the social structure. As such “public space” is no longer public but a space to maintain Capitalism’s hegemonic consumerist farce. It is because of this that the Ecological Collectivist Union participates in, and advocates for, the “non-sanctioned” instillation of Art/Poetry/Drama around public areas which are intended to beautify, infuse non-dominant culture, perplex and/or provide social commentary/critique.

Currently, in our ever-expanding capitalist economy, we have the monopolizing multi-national corporations manufacturing and standardizing our reality through a perpetual bombardment of language, image and media within OUR public space and landscape. This reality only benefits the Capitalist Aristocracy by creating an irrational dopamine/serotonin injection amongst the consuming populace through the construction of a pseudo-happiness tied to endless consumption. While the hoard consumes itself to death the Capitalist Aristocracy builds gated complexes, like the G20 in Toronto, in order to protect itself from the stratification of society and the oncoming ecological crisis.

The goal of the Ecological Collectivist Union is to juxtapose the “reality creation”, and language, of the Capitalist Aristocracy with that of a community driven localized ecology. As such we will be posting signs and other subversive messaging around Vancouver, BC. We encourage everyone to do the same, in whatever place they live, to reclaim our public space as community driven and orientated rather than constructed by the Corporate monoliths.

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