Our we fracturing out?
Our we faced with oblivion?
our we already dead?

are we?


Montreal Protests: Subverting the Corporate Disease

This video brilliantly contrasts a decentralized community culture of realism versus a corporatized version of homogenized socialization through oppression via body imagery, fear, intimidation and the sale of unattainable dream.

Subverting the Corporate disease

Eternal Fasicsm

Fascism is eternal because today we have the same fascist leaders as we did in Feudal Europe, Greek Republic or Egyptian and Jewish Theocracies. Eternal fascism rests on the shoulders of Capital and its private centralized ownership. All fascism springs forth from Capital. Capital, in its essence, is fascist. Where Capital goes, so goes Fascism; where Fascism goes, so goes Capitalism. Thus London and New York and Los Angeles are the most fascist places on the planet. Don’t forget Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, Mumbai, Shanghai, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Moscow, Johannesburg, etc and onward. This does not mean that the masses within fascism are fascist. Quite the contrary; fascism lay within the elite and is portrayed as “Freedom” and “Democracy” to the enslaved [all of us]. Since the elite own the means of cultural production they own the means of social construction through language appropriation with words like: “Freedom” and “Democracy”. This is why we see that the process of globalization is nothing more than a process of homogenization. Put another way, cultural mass-extinction is a result of capital/fascist cultural colonization. Vancouver has a grand history of capital/fascist cultural colonization to which the Fraser Institute can attest through their culture war of promoting the standardization and marketization of public education and ownership in general. Culturally speaking, collective ownership and the democratization of capital through public ownership, is seen as an unspeakable crime to the individualist, I say narcissistic, Fraser Institute. Thus, they seek the standardization of cultural outlets through mass privatization of public ownership. This degrades public oversite of economic, social and environmental risks by centralizing these decisions in the hands of Greedy Narcissism. Greedy Narcissism, embodied within the essence of Centralized Capital Ownership, seeks only to jerk itself off till it gets Economic Cum {otherwise known as Profits}. Yet what happens when the Cum stops flowing? Are you dead?

If you think that is rude, you are right. Welcome to my life in this #EconomicEarFuck.


We want to create Vocabulary which is not singular in definition. We want Vocabulary with a plurality of depth in meaning. We have a signifier for a tree which =tree. While =tree itself can be an abstract word in the postmodern sense, society, en mass, is not a postmodern society. They will see a rigid outline, or what one could call a #PlatoForm. The trouble is: #PlatoForms are not abstract in concept. The =tree of #PlatoForms is just that: a rigid outline of a tree:

Yet what is Tree? It is the whole process of being Tree. From its origins in the big bang, to its habitat & diversity on this planet, to its integration into the O2/H2O/CO2 Hydrological Cycle, to its infinite plurality in space. We are all just bubbling stardust. However, emulating this type of deep meaning en mass, at this point, would be futile. People condemn such things as: Hogwash, Poppycock and Balderdash. Thus we need to move Vocabulary further into the abstract with words like: Ecology, Sustainability, Epistemology, Existential, Philosophical, Hydrological, Democratic, Capital – words where the Form is more diffuse than =tree. Yet while we begin this process of #PostModernization we must continually deconstruct =tree into Tree thusly continually keeping language, and, as such, Society in the Cyclical Abstract Process of Becoming. But let me be clear, to say Cyclical Abstract Process of Becoming, is not to say there is no concrete reality, however shaky, in which we objectively traverse in some material form. Thus, OUR #PlanetEarth IS warming, CO2 IS a #ContributingFactor, and OUR #PlanetEarthISFinite! But in the Cyclical Abstract Process of Becoming we must not see global warming, and its threat, as independent of CO2, human psychology, political psychology, time, species maturity, etc., etc., etc. onwards and forwards ad infinitum signifier stream.

Once we loose #VocabularicThoughtDiversity we loose #Humanity. #ResistHomogenizedCentralization. passing as #DiverseFreeEconomicMarketFactorsOfPrivatization.


2012: We’re cumming into the Charm of the Dionysian…

…not only is the union between man and man reaffirmed, but nature which has become alienated, hostile, or subjugated, celebrates once more her reconciliation with her lost prodigal son, man. Freely, earth proffers her gifts, and peacefully the beasts of prey of the rocks and desert approach. The chariot of Dionysus is covered with flowers and garlands; panthers and tigers walk under its yoke. Transform Beethoven’s “Hymn to Joy” into a painting; let your imagination conceive the multitudes bowing to the dust, awestruck — then you will approach the Dionysian. Now the slave is a free man; now all the rigid , hostile barriers that necessity, caprice or “impudent convention” have fixed between man and man are broken. Now, with the gospel of universal harmony, each one feels himself not only united, reconciled, and fused with his neighbour, but as one with him, as if the veil of mãyã had been torn aside and were now merely fluttering in tatters before the mysterious primordial unity. —–

—- The youthful 28 year old Nietzsche gives us the birth of our Tragedy. The blissfully blutulant narcissistic nihilism of cataclysmic corportism in which our animal species wriggles and spasms. Yet with our Tragedy in the biosphere comes rebirth; like the Haida’s Raven our Tragedy’s trick gives us new birth. The historical tragedy is the great irony of historical repetition. The Charm of the Dionysian will be the orgiastic kickoff from the depths of our Tragedy. In Dionysus we will “reaffirm” our union with our ecological biosphere: Our Raven in the night will save this Prodigal Son. We the people must #deconstruct #debt so that the slave is a free man and all the hostil barriers that necessity, caprice or “impudent convention” have fixed between man and man are broken. This Dionysian age we descend into is the decimation of Capitalism and Fascism with the reawakening Epiphainein of ****| An anti-ism | A self resistant-ism | An anarchistic decentralized orgiastic unity. The goal is decentralized unity. The polemic copulation between Apollo and Dionysus. Dreams and  Intoxication. Sculptures and Music. —–

—– Indeed, we philosophers and “free spirits” feel, when we hear the news that “the old god is dead,” as if a new dawn shone on us; our heart overflows with gratitude, amazement, promotions, expectation. At long last the horizon appears free to us again, even if it should not be bright at long last our ships may venture out again, venture out to face any danger; all the darling of the lover of knowledge is permitted again; the sea, our sea, lies open again; perhaps there has never yet been such an “open sea.”

#DeConstruct all #-isms-Meta_Narratives


The Gay Science.

Consuming Ourselves to Death

Consuming Ourselves to Death

We are consuming ourselves to death. What more is there to say?

We buy useless crap that we don’t need, made by slave labour in far off countries, ship it around the globe, spewing carbon as we go, all so we can maintain an economic system which is dependant on useless consumption. Rather than living in a symbiotic relationship with our planet’s ecology, we humans, we divine beings with an edict from God, dominate our pathetic planet, and our fellow humans, so that we can consume ourselves to death in some orgiastic cluster fuck of corporate manufactured happiness!

There is consuming, which is antagonistic to ecology and the planet; and there is subsisting which allows the planet and humanity to flourish into infinity.

But we can’t subsist because that would cause an economic collapse in which the Capitalist Aristocracy would no longer be able to brain wash us into willing slaves through a Panoptic nightmare. So keep consuming! If you don’t Capitalism, and life as you know it, will collapse …

although some of us see that as a good thing …


This sign, along with the other one posted on Hastings, lasted about 1 week. The Capitalist Aristocracy made sure to clean up such distasteful messaging very quick. After all, we cannot have people putting up signs which do not support the capitalist metanarrative of consumption and PROFIT. I am actually rather depressed about this one. I quite liked this sign. It was not hurting human being by being up; however, businesses and corporations might have had their profits ever so slightly reduced. And we can’t have that now can we?

Not to worry folks, Coal Harbour, DTES and Yaletown have been swept clean of any non-corporate altruistic signs. Only that “fucking” (to use an adjective from Mayor Gregor Robertson) West End has kept their evil signs up.

Are We Free? Or Chained in Poverty?

Are We Free? Or Chained In Poverty?

I thought this sign up in response to a Bob Marley song I was listening to while traveling on the bus. The lyric goes: “Today they say that we are free / Only to be chained in poverty”. While this song specifically is in reference to the slaves of the colonial powers, I think there is some pertinence to society’s situation in general. In a certain sense this references my other sign “Debt Slaves“. We reside in the illusion of freedom yet we are all slaves to the mechanistic capitalist production machine. They tell us that we are free, increasing our “quality of life” (a “quality” which is manufactured and indoctrinated within us), through free trade and a 40 hour work week (except for all that overtime we work). Yet the truth is we are not free but chained in poverty as debt slaves to capitalism’s aristocratic class who fence themselves in with a police state. Time and time again it has been revealed that “free” trade, globalization, conglomeration and centralization has sucked the life and wealth out of all but the Capitalist Aristocracy: StatsCan –; OECD –; Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives –

In the words of Bob Marley, “I think it’s illiteracy; its only a machine that makes money”. We have become the machines, or the unemployed, of the Capitalist Aristocracy; and we are too bloody illiterate, completely brainwashed and indoctrinated, to realize the state that we are in. So we continue to consume and increase our debt to the elites.

The Capitalist Aristocracy loans us the money so we can buy their useless crap in the hopes we will find happiness in the “freedom” to spend/consume ourselves into oblivion; and in this freedom we truly become debt slaves, chained in poverty.

So my question is: Are we free? Or just chained in poverty?

Slave Driver
By: Bob Marley

Ooh-ooh-oo-ooh. Oo-oo-ooh! Oo-oo-ooh.
Slave driver, the table is turn; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire, so you can get burn, now. (catch a fire)
Slave driver, the table is turn; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire: gonna get burn. (catch a fire) Wo, now!

Ev’rytime I hear the crack of a whip,
My blood runs cold.
I remember on the slave ship,
How they brutalize the very souls.
Today they say that we are free,
Only to be chained in poverty.
Good God, I think it’s illiteracy;
It’s only a machine that makes money.

Slave driver, the table is turn, y’all. Ooh-ooh-oo-ooh.

Slave driver, uh! The table is turn, baby, now; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire, so you can get burn, baby, now. (catch a fire)
Slave driver, the table is turn, y’all; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire: so you can get burn, now. (catch a fire)

Ev’rytime I hear the crack of a whip,
My blood runs cold.
I remember on the slave ship,
How they brutalize the very soul.

O God, have mercy on our souls!
Oh, slave driver, the table is turn, y’all; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire, so you can get burn. (catch a fire)
Slave driver, the table is turn, y’all; (catch a fire)
Catch a fire … [fadeout]


This sign lasted about a week. It is interesting to note that the signs in the West End have been up now for over two weeks yet signs within major routes coming in and out of the city are barely tolerated for a week. While I doubt many, if any, of the citizens of the DTES minded my signs there are obviously those who feel that such critical posing questions are not acceptable within the “public space” of Vancouver. While I was not posting anything for profitable gain (that is the accumulation of more capital), certain members of the Vancouver public believe that my messaging is unacceptable. It would seem that posting non-corporate for profit signs is unacceptable everywhere in the Downtown Core of Vancouver but the West End. In Vancouver you must compel people to consume and not post anything which might disrupt this message. Remember, we are now the “Green Capital” of the world; watch us world as we consume ourselves out of this ecological crisis. Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP BUYING THINGS!!!